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Looking for reliable fence contractors in Rome, GA? Look no further than The Rome Fence Company—your trusted partner for premium and cost-effective residential fencing solutions. Whether you need to install a new fence or upgrade your existing one, our professional team specializes in maintaining and serving all types of residential fences. We offer expert installations and professional fence repairs that withstand pests, rust, and fading, ensuring your fence remains durable and effective. At The Rome Fence Company, we focus on privacy and security for your yard, offering gates and fence posts that are coated to resist damage. Choose excellence in fencing with The Rome Fence Company, the number one choice for local fence repair service professionals.

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➤ Chain Link Fencing
➤ Metal Fencing
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➤ Garden Fencing
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➤ Farm Fencing
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Our Comprehensive Services

Rome Fencing Repair Service

Fencing Repair

Our fencing repair service is your go-to for restoring the integrity and charm of your fence. With a skilled team and top-quality materials, we swiftly address damages, ensuring both security and aesthetics are upheld. Don’t let a damaged fence detract from your property’s appeal. Count on us to breathe new life into it, offering not only strength and style but also prolonging its lifespan for years to come.

Fencing Repair Services

Garden fencing repair is a great solution for restoring the functionality and beauty of your garden boundaries. Our professional repair service addresses any damage promptly, ensuring both safety and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Don’t let a damaged fence compromise the appeal of your garden. Trust us to revive it with enhanced strength and style, while preserving the charm of your outdoor area. Our repair service not only enhances security but also prolongs the lifespan of your fencing, ensuring long-lasting protection and visual appeal for your garden.

If you’re looking to revive your outdoor space, repairing your backyard fencing is the key. Our professional repair service can swiftly tackle any damages, restoring both the security and aesthetics of your backyard. Don’t let a damaged fence detract from your property’s appeal. Instead, count on us to breathe new life into it, providing not only strength and style but also extending its lifespan for years to come. Our repair service ensures that your backyard remains a secure and visually pleasing haven.

A picket fence is a charming and secure addition to your property. However, damages to it can detract from your property’s aesthetics and compromise its security. Our professional picket fencing repair service addresses damages promptly, restoring the fence’s timeless appeal. With our help, you can ensure that both strength and style are preserved. Our repair service not only enhances security but also extends the lifespan of your picket fence, maintaining its inviting and classic look for years to come.

Maintaining the safety and appearance of your pool area is crucial, and pool fencing repair plays a significant role in it. Our professional repair service promptly addresses any damage to your pool fence, restoring both security and aesthetics. You don’t have to compromise the safety of your pool space or its visual appeal. Trust us to mend your pool fence while offering a secure and stylish solution. Our repair service not only extends the lifespan of your pool fence but also ensures the tranquility and beauty of your pool area, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Maintaining the functionality and security of your agricultural property is crucial, and farm fencing repair plays an important role in achieving that. Our professional repair service promptly addresses any damage to your farm fence, ensuring that your livestock and crops stay protected. Don’t let a damaged fence compromise your farm’s efficiency. Count on us to mend it with robust and dependable solutions. Our repair service not only enhances security but also extends the lifespan of your farm fence, safeguarding your valuable assets and the integrity of your agricultural operations.

Repair By Material Type

If you are looking to improve the security and durability of your property, then metal fencing repair is the best solution. Our professional repair service is designed to promptly address any damage to your fence, ensuring that it remains strong and reliable. Don’t compromise your property’s safety with a damaged fence. Rely on us to mend it and offer both security and longevity. Our repair service is not just about enhancing the lifespan of your metal fence, but also ensuring that it remains a sturdy and reliable barrier, effectively protecting your property.

Is your vinyl fence in need of repair? Our professional repair service can swiftly address any damage, both restoring security and enhancing the visual appeal of your property. A damaged fence not only detracts from your property’s charm, but it can also compromise its security. Trust us to mend your fence, providing not only strength and style but also an extended lifespan for your vinyl fence. With our repair service, your property will remain visually pleasing, secure, and low-maintenance for many years to come.

Wood fence repair is essential for preserving the classic beauty and security of your property. Over time, wood fences can be affected by weather, moisture, rot, and general wear, leading to structural issues and a worn appearance. Our professional repair service expertly addresses these concerns, restoring both aesthetics and durability. Whether it’s damage from termites, weathering, or simple wear and tear, we ensure your fence is fortified to stand the test of time, maintaining its enduring charm for years to come.

Chain link fence repair is crucial to maintain the functionality and security of your property. Over time, chain link fences can experience damage from rust, impacts, or sagging due to weather conditions. Our professional repair service promptly addresses these issues, ensuring your fence remains strong and secure. Whether it’s rusty links, bent posts, or weakened tension, we specialize in fortifying your chain link fence against the wear and tear it may endure, preserving its effectiveness and longevity.


Rome's No. 1 Fencing Company

The Rome Fence Company has been a reliable name in the fencing industry for more than a decade, serving both residential and commercial clients from our base in the lively community of Rome, Georgia. We are dedicated to providing excellent services, making us the top choice for all your fencing needs, and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

With more than 10 years of extensive experience, we have honed our craft and blended traditional values with innovative techniques to provide top-tier fencing solutions. Our offerings encompass a wide array of options, including common types such as garden, backyard, pool, picket, and farm fencing, designed to meet your diverse needs.

What truly sets us apart is our steadfast dedication to customer contentment. Our team of skilled professionals not only excels in delivering exceptional solutions but also offers personalized guidance to help you make the perfect choice for your specific requirements. We understand that a fence is more than just a structure; it’s a vital component of your home, offering security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

If you are dealing with unsightly fence damage, leaning sections, or require maintenance to address stains, hiring a pro from our team is the best way to ensure longevity and effectiveness. Give us a call at The Rome Fence Company, where we take pride in transforming your fencing ideas into reality. Our unwavering passion for quality, coupled with our commitment to ensuring customer happiness, solidifies our position as your go-to partner for all your fencing projects.


Rome's No. 1 Local Fencing Company

Rome Fencing Repair Service

Custom Fencing Solutions: Get the perfect solutions designed just for your fencing needs

Best Price Assurance: We guarantee the best prices for the fencing service you need, matched to your budget.

Local Advantage: Experience the ease of collaborating with a locally owned company.

Experienced Team: Benefit from a skilled team with a decade of fencing expertise.

Free Estimate, No Pressure: Receive a no-obligation, free estimate to identify the ideal fencing service.


What Our Clients Say

“We needed picket fence repair due to some rotting boards. The team promptly assessed the issue and replaced the damaged pickets with new ones. They did an excellent job restoring the fence’s appearance and strength.”

Sara Martin
Picket Fence Repair - Location

“Our wooden fence had severe rot, causing us to worry about its stability. Thankfully, the repair team acted quickly and replaced the damaged sections while also reinforcing the entire fence. The job they did was fantastic, leaving our fence looking brand new and sturdy.”

Brad Waters
Wooden Fence Repair - Location

“The repair team worked their magic, replacing the damaged segments and applying anti-rust treatment to prevent further deterioration. The fence looks excellent now, and we’re delighted with the quality of work. Thanks for the efficient repair job!”

Ken Morgan
Metal Fence Repair - Location

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Rome Professional Fencing Services

At The Rome Fence Company, we always put your satisfaction first. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service from the moment you contact us to the completion of your fencing project.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of experts will guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make informed choices about your fencing needs. We are committed to giving you peace of mind and confidence in your fencing experience.

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