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Looking for reliable fence contractors in Rome, GA? You can count on The Rome Fence Company – your trusted partner for premium and cost-effective fencing solutions. We offer expert services for both fresh fence installations and upgrades to your current fencing. Our top-notch service is focused on customer satisfaction, making us the number one choice for local fencing contractor services. Choose excellence in fencing with The Rome Fence Company.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Rome Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Immerse yourself in the seamless elegance of our vinyl privacy fence, a durable and stylish solution that ensures your space remains both private and polished. Resistant to the elements, it stands as a steadfast guardian of your solitude, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain its pristine condition. The clean lines and smooth finish of this fence type bring a contemporary edge to any property, making it a favorite among homeowners seeking a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Rome Wood Privacy Fence Service

Wood Privacy Fence

Our wood privacy fence encapsulates the essence of natural beauty, offering a warm, inviting barrier that matures with grace. Each panel is carefully crafted from high-quality timber, promising not only privacy but also a rich, organic texture that complements any garden. Its ability to be stained or painted makes it a versatile choice for those looking to customize their outdoor sanctuary, embodying the perfect marriage of tradition and personal style.

Rome Bamboo Privacy Fence

Bamboo Privacy Fence

This eco-friendly option brings a touch of exotic charm to any outdoor area, providing privacy with its carefully constructed panels. Using authentic bamboo ensures durability and a unique visual appeal, creating a serene, private haven that stands out from the ordinary. Perfect for those seeking an environmentally sustainable choice, our bamboo fence offers the beauty and strength of traditional bamboo in a form that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Rome Privacy Composite Fence Service

Composite Privacy Fence

Embrace innovation with our composite privacy fence, a robust blend of wood fibers and recycled plastics that offers the best of both worlds. This eco-conscious option boasts the natural look of wood without its susceptibility to weathering or decay, ensuring a long-lasting, vibrant appearance with very little maintenance. Ideal for those who value sustainability and ease of care, it provides a sophisticated, weather-resistant boundary that keeps your private life discreetly concealed.

Rome Aluminum Privacy Fencing Service

AluminumPrivacy Fence

Discover the sleek, enduring beauty of our aluminum privacy fence, a lightweight yet durable option that promises lasting elegance and security. Resistant to corrosion and easy to install, it offers a contemporary solution for those seeking a stylish, low-maintenance fence that doesn’t compromise on strength. Its clean, minimalist design is perfect for modern landscapes, providing a secure perimeter that enhances the beauty of your property while safeguarding your privacy.


Rome's No. 1 Fencing Company

The Rome Fence Company has been a reliable name in the fencing industry for more than a decade. We are based in the lively community of Rome, Georgia, and are dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers. Our commitment to quality has made us the top choice for all your fencing requirements, and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

With more than 10 years of extensive experience in the field, we have honed our craft and blended traditional values with innovative techniques to provide top-tier fencing solutions to our esteemed clients. Our offerings encompass a wide array of fencing options, including garden, backyard, pool, picket, and farm fencing, designed to meet your diverse needs.

What truly sets us apart is our steadfast dedication to customer contentment. Our team of skilled professionals not only excels in delivering exceptional fencing solutions but also offers personalized guidance to help you make the perfect choice for your specific requirements. We understand that a fence is more than just a structure; it’s a vital component of your property, offering security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

At The Rome Fence Company, we take pride in transforming your fencing ideas into reality. Our unwavering passion for quality, coupled with our commitment to ensuring customer happiness, solidifies our position as your go-to partner for all your fencing projects.


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Rome Fencing Repair Service

Custom Fencing Solutions: Get the perfect solutions designed just for your fencing needs

Best Price Assurance: We guarantee the best prices for the fencing service you need, matched to your budget.

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What Our Clients Say

“The team arrived on time, worked efficiently, and the attention to detail was impeccable. Our backyard has been transformed into a private retreat, and the best part is knowing how low maintenance our new fence will be.”

Kevin Nelson
Vinyl Fence - Olmstead St., Rome GA

“From the initial consultation to the final nail, the process was thorough, with a clear focus on capturing the rustic charm we wanted. The installation was a smooth, hands-on process that exceeded my expectations.”

Lisa Martin
Wood Privacy Fence - Cedar Ave., Rome GA

“The process was efficient, with a stunning result that pays homage to the sustainable beauty of bamboo. Exceptional service for those looking to add a touch of the exotic to their privacy fencing.”

Amanda Scott
Bamboo Privacy Fence - Cumberland Drive, Rome GA

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At The Rome Fence Company, we always put your satisfaction first. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional service from the moment you contact us to the completion of your fencing project.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of experts will guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make informed choices about your fencing needs. We are committed to giving you peace of mind and confidence in your fencing experience.

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